Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment

Create a hub of enjoyment

We provide homeowners and designers with answers to the logistical challenges of installing home theatre and media rooms and associated systems. From preliminary home theatre ideas and approved home theatre design, to the final home theatre installation.

We can design your theatre as simply or as elaborately as you desire and we take into account the ideal room dimensions, wall construction, optimal size and types of video display, lighting controls, interior design, home theatre acoustics, furnishings, and whether or not to integrate free standing or concealed components.

Home Theatre Systems
We specialise in installation of all your home theatre components. Whether it is from a simple wall mount TV, multi room audio or the Full Home Theatre experience, we can provide expert installation at an affordable price.

Both new-construction and retrofit installations are offered, and we take responsibility for adhering to all important safety considerations, standards, and codes.

Home Theatre Requirements
Wanting existing equipment installed?

If you have simply purchased some home entertainment components and wish to have the system installed and set up to the best of its ability, we can provide expert integration and will thoroughly demonstrate your new system upon completion of home theatre installation.

If you are moving house and are worried about the way your home theatre systems are connected and/or the safe transport of your audio visual components, we can provide expert removal and re-installation of all your audio visual components.

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